Fashion. a friendly reminder that You Are Not Lady GaGa.

Does it make you think of Jordan aka Katie Price? 
or what about Madonna? 
Spare me, I don't like the stringy taste of mutton so neither should you. -snap- 
So to get yourself on the office's "Best dressed list" [ha]
take note, less is more and Lycra should have been burned in the 80's... sadly that wasn't the case, so you lucky things, i'm here to stop you!
 A friendly reminder that 
You Are Not Lady GaGa.
and somehow blood/Undies/leotards don't look good in real life....

Here's an old picture of the beloved Beyowulf....BURN!!! the Denim tights, the horror, The HORROR! 
Now children don't be fooled, that stunning power shoulder Jacket(thank you MJ) does NOT cover up the "faux denim" tights, and what they need is some good ol' lighter feul. "Do not try this at home" was definately on the label. Its really just another trend that Supre capitalised on and contributed to bare assed girls everywhere. If you've got them, for me, for people everywhere, and most of all for yourself, thrown them out.

Now that's my main fashion peve is out of the way, lets get onto the good stuff.
 What the Models are wearing. First to peek the latest styles on numerous runways, people love the mix of eclectic designer and everyday casual that models chuck on. Photographers are getting lauder for their fantastic new "shoots" that require a dark room and a white or damask wall. clap clap! did you use a digital 5megapixel cam or something. outstanding! sarcastic or not.. we lap it up. 
Here are the best and what theyre wearing. 
Abbey Lee Kershaw
Lace, long hobo- sorry "boho" layered hair 

Don't be afraid... socks under heels is back! 
In a classy way. sighhh. looks like boho is too?
suspicious lace trend happening.
Random french model. 
god bless them and their high leather shorts.
et ses longues jambes...

Miranda Kirr a few years ago..
the pencil skirt is amazing fabric and cut.
The silk top continues the formal look
 whilst the neutral accessories keep it a timeless look.

Erin Wasson. Queen of M.O.D's
The lace. get yourself a lace slashneck bandeau dress.
 when i saw this i did.
 look below  for my exact Asos Bandeau. 
thankyou ebay. pure love.

Can i cut an inch off the top of her heels off please? Thats the only part i'd change
Calf length heels only work for the bohemufs...

Two Perfect and different ways to wear an MJ Military 'beat it' Jacket.
One with a frilly Girly top and Heels while
Gemma Ward
works the man-style shirt, and flats, 
P.s. Must wear with denim to avoid being too Dressy. 
P.s.s Your not MJ, so you dont need studded pants!
Chanel Iman, she is perfect here.
 Red flows through her entire outfit pulling it together, subtly.
another P.s would be to only use colour in a few of the 
pieces your wearing to avoid OTT and just multi-toned feral.
The Black handbag with white Chanel detail also compliments her bracelet.
Its easier to match lighter colours like this in a way
 thats not tacky or overdone,,, just muted. 

Bedtime, i stayed up late for you