Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is For You.

Always a SpringLeaf
is everything i've never been able to find for myself and tons more.
Alhough you might rarely find Chanel blush and couture here and there, fact is i wouldnt buy it and so wouldn't recommend it to you. It takes dozens of magazines, conversations, professional advice and years of 'practice-makes-perfect' to build your wardrobe, beauty routine, favorite products and learn what works and how. I want to get my favourite fashion trends (that i've road tested of course) and find products or styles that are under $100 and trust me, i promise to make them more of a Erin Wasson "model off duty" style than a tacky Pamela Anderson.
Being a student(Public Relations) I've honed my skills to bargain hunting, yoga and whipping out the yummmy recipe's and in regards to makeup, for me I really don't care that i use my mascara for more than a month(my eyes havent fallen out yet ok) but i will show you the latest/fanciest looks, how to create them, and with what tools! score! Not only will i give you the gloriously self indulgent beauty and fashion content but I'm going to be putting funny, readable topics that I'm interested in or that you want me to write about in my "What do you want me to say?" section. Read on sweethearts. Your just one click away from having fun.